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The Problem

"Poorly designed and poorly implemented information systems are worse than useless, worse than a waste of those millions and billions of dollars.  As we go through rapid, serious changes in health care, poor information systems will strangle your every strategy, hobble your clinicians, kill patients and actually threaten the viability of your organization."

"Clem McDonald, M.D., of the National Institutes of Health, a true pioneer in pushing for electronic medical records over the last 35 years, has called the current implementations a 'disappointment,' even a 'tragedy.'"

By:  Joe Flower, Health Care Futurist &
        CEO of The Change Project, Inc.

As seen on the ...
       American Hospital Association Website
The Solution
   The SKYNET System
It's widely believed it takes millions of IT dollars for outdated software to meet the standards of Meaningful Use.  At SKYNET Corporation
we'll show you it can be done for thousands of dollars and on today's cloud-based platform.  You owe it to your facility to see our demonstration.
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